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How to Replace the Float Assembly

The float is located inside the dishwasher in the tub. As water fills the tub, the water lifts the float. When the float rises to a certain level it triggers the float switch which in turn turns off the water flow.

Caution: Please read our safety information before attempting any testing or repairs.

Before replacing the float assembly, unplug the dishwasher or shut off the power at the fuse box or breaker panel to avoid an electrical shock hazard.

To replace the float assembly, open the dishwasher and remove the bottom rack. Remove the float cover (if any; it can be identified by the fact that the cover does not move up and down). The cover may snap in place or it may be fastened in place with a screw. Remove the float; it usually rests or snaps in place. If it does not come off with a small force, it may have to be disconnected from the float switch first.

The throat of the assembly goes through the bottom of the tub. A nut may be on the tub side of the throat, under the tub in the access area or on both sides. Unscrew the nut(s).

To access the float assembly where it connects to the float switch, remove the front access panel located beneath the door. The panel is held in place with pressure snaps, screws along the left and right ends or it may hang on hooks. Look for screws at the ends of the panel, remove the screws and pull off the panel. If you do not see any screws then lift the panel up and off. If it does not lift up then using a small force, pull the panel off straight toward you.

The float connects to a rod which connects to the float switch. Disconnect the rod from the switch. Connect the new rod to the switch. Insert the rod into the throat and insert the throat through the tub and secure it with the nut(s).

Replace the float and float cover (if any). Replace the access panel, dish rack and restore power to the appliance.

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