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Water Conservation Tips

Water in the morning. Watering early means you will lose less water to evaporation and wind. Watering in the heat of the day or the evening can also lead to plant damage through "leaf burn" and fungal infection.

Don't over water. If you apply too much water too fast, it won't be absorbed and water is wasted as run-off. It is better to water in short intervals with a 15 minute break between each interval to allow the water to soak in.

Use Mulch. Mulch provides a layer of protection that reduces evaporation and keeps the soil moist.

Don't mow too low. Your lawn should be kept at a height so that it provides shade for the roots. Unshaded roots will ultimately require more watering to keep the lawn from drying out quickly.

Use an automatic irrigation system. An irrigation system will deliver water for preset timed intervals. This will eliminate over and under watering problems. Using a timer with a rain sensor will also prevent waste by watering when it has recently rained.

Divide your yard in to zones. Don't let one sprinkler zone include too many different garden elements. Your lawn needs more water than your cactus garden, so it makes sense to put them in different zones. Divide your sprinkler zones to take into account how long and how much they should be watered.

Use the right type of sprinkler. Drip irrigation is a very efficient way to deliver water to plants and trees, but it doesn't work for lawns. One big sprinkler in the center of the lawn usually won't work as well as four sprinklers spraying in from the corners. Choose the sprinklers carefully to maximize coverage with a minimum of water.

Don't water the sidewalk. Overspray from your sprinklers is a waste of water. Adjust your sprinklers to properly cover the yard. Also, fine mists tend to evaporate more quickly; large droplets of water are better. (Some plants need a mist, and so continue to use a mist for those plants).

Inspect your sprinklers. Periodically inspect your sprinkler system while in operation to check for broken pipes, sprinkler heads or other problems.

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