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Gas Powered Lawn Mower Care Tips

How To Take Care of a Lawn Mower

Following these tips should result in your mower doing a better job, lasting longer, and polluting less. Plus, a properly cared for lawn mower is actually better for your lawn. A well maintained lawn mower will cut and mulch better which keeps your lawn healthy.

  • Replace it - A gasoline powered lawn mower produces more pollution in one hour than your car produces in ten hours. An old style reel mower is good for the air and it helps you get more exercise too. If you don't want the work out, consider an electric mower, they don't have the same horse power but they can do the job.

  • Keep the Blade Sharp - a dull blade tears the grass rather cutting it. This makes the lawn more susceptible to disease and makes the mower work harder. Learn how to sharpen a lawn mower blade.

  • Use the Recommended Fuel - use only the fuel recommended by the manufacturer. Other fuels may work but they generally shorten the life span of the motor and may result in more pollution.

  • Clean and Dry the Mower - don't put your mower away wet. Wipe off all the grass, moisture and debris.

  • Keep it Tuned - Replace the gas and oil every six months. Replace the spark plug annually. Clean or replace the air filter every three months.

  • Clean the Deck - disconnect the spark plug wire and clean out any dirt and grass debris that may have built up in the ejection vent and under the deck (where the blade is located).

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