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How To Deadhead Flowering Plants

Deadheading plants is the process of removing dead or dying blooms from a plant to induce it to produce more blooms. When a flower begins to lose its luster, it can be removed from the plant and by doing so, many plants will produce more blooms.

Most annuals and some perennials respond well to deadheading. In the case of annuals, deadheading tends to prolong the life of blooms or produce more blooms. Perennials tend to add blooms but deadheading also tends to make the plant fuller and more compact.

How To Deadhead Flowers

The proper method of deadheading plants is to remove the bloom down to the nearest leaf. You can use your fingers to pinch off the bloom or if it does not come off easily, use shears to make a clean cut. Be sure to clean the shears after each plant to avoid spreading disease from one plant to the next. For plants with blooms too numerous to cut, use trimmers to take the flowers down to the foliage.

While removing blooms from a plant might seem counterintuitive, it will very often keep a plant looking its best, longer. An additional benefit is that by removing dying blooms, the plant conserves it energy, which helps to keep it healthy. If you are uncertain how your plant will respond to deadheading, experiment with it by removing just a few blooms and monitor the results.

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