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How To Clean Rust Stains from Vinyl Floors

Rust stains can be difficult to remove from vinyl flooring and, indeed, may not come completely out. Follow these steps to reduce or eliminate rust stains.

Start with a solution of 10 parts water and 1 part liquid chlorine bleach. Rub the area with a non-abrasive stiff, uncolored pad or brush.

If the stain remains, repeat the process with rubbing alcohol (isopropyl), do not dilute with water.

If the stains still persists, use lemon juice or a poltice of cream of tartar mixed with a little water to form a paste.

To prevent future stains, separate metal surfaces from the flooring with a barrier. For instance, the foot pads of a washer and dryer can be wrapped with duct tape or apply self-adhering felt pads..

Caution: Do not use ammonia on vinyl floors as it is corrosive to vinyl. Never mix cleaning agents or chemicals, the result can be dangerous or deadly. Before cleaning, always test the agent on an inconspicuous location to determine its suitability and to make certain it does not damage the material. Wear appropriate clothing such as gloves and protective eyewear, and work in a well-ventilated area. Accidental inhalation or ingestion of cleaning agents can be hazardous and even fatal, particularly to pets and children.

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