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How To Clean Ink Stains from Carpet

Carpets come in different varieties, and so do the potential stains that can fall on, get trampled onto and otherwise mar the appearance of a well kept home. Happily, ink is one of the stains has a simple removal approach that can be applied to a wide variety of carpet materials. Keep in mind that unusual carpet pigments or materials such as leather and suede may not react favorably with cleaning solutions. Any stain remedy should be tested in an inconspicuous area. Stains in general should be treated as promptly as possible. Resistant stains may require repeated attention - particularly difficult stains may require the  assistance of a professional and may not be completely eradicated.

To lift ink stains, these simple affordable tools are an effective approach: cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol, a clean cloth wet with water, and a clean dry cloth. Rubbing alcohol is available in different strengths; if the removal technique isn't working, try upgrading to a stronger solution. If there is a large spill, use a clean rag to remove the excess ink with a dabbing motion. Avoid rubbing and spreading the stain. Once the spill has been contained, or to alleviate isolated ink marks like ballpoint pen, soak a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol. Apply it to the ink stain with a dabbing motion. Replace cotton swabs as necessary with clean cotton swabs. If your carpet has a particularly deep pile, remember that the stain may have penetrated down the fibers. When you have finished with the cotton swab/rubbing alcohol process, dab with the clean wet cloth to remove the rubbing alcohol. Alternate with the clean dry cloth to avoid over wetting the carpet. If you have the appropriate vacuum, you can also follow stain removal by flushing the area with water and vacuuming up the moisture rather than using the cloths.

For small area rugs that are not backed, place the stained area face down on clean absorbent paper towels or rags. Treat the stain from the back using the cotton swabs soaked in rubbing alcohol. Ensure that the stain will not transfer through the paper towels to your work surface by protecting the area with a disposable, protective material such as a garbage bag. When stain removal is complete, follow by rinsing with water, and removing the water either with the appropriate vacuum or a clean dry cloth.

For a carpet with a dense low pile, like those designed for high traffic areas, industrial/office use, you can also use a plastic eraser. High quality plastic erasers  are affordable and readily available at stationery and art stores. Use the erasers to alleviate dry and isolated ink marks like those that result from ballpoint pen. Apply the eraser directly to the stain with a light rubbing motion. When finished, vacuum up the eraser residue.

Caution: Never mix cleaning agents or chemicals, the result can be dangerous or deadly. Before cleaning, always test the agent on an inconspicuous location to determine its suitability and to make certain it does not damage the material. Wear appropriate clothing such as gloves and protective eyewear, and work in a well-ventilated area. Accidental inhalation or ingestion of cleaning agents can be hazardous and even fatal, particularly to pets and children.

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