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About ACME How

ACME How is a privately held company owned and operated by ACME, Inc. ACME How is an Internet publisher of detailed articles on maintenance and repair projects around the home. We firmly believe that most people can make many of their own common household repairs. ACME's library of articles on common repairs, enable people to save time and money and gain the satisfaction of making their own repairs.

Bio's of the Founders

Grant Anderson - Founder & Executive Editor
Grant has been disassembling things to figure out how they work since he was a kid. A long time restorer of machines, equipment and tools, Grant has run successful businesses in custom furniture, computer software sales, small business computing and networking. Grant has over 15 years experience teaching and writing instructional guides for novices.

After becoming the de facto neighborhood handyman for his ability to fix nearly anything, he was inspired to help a larger community to make their own home repairs. This was the inspiration for Acme How

Scott Riley - Founder
A like minded Do-It-Yourselfer, Scott has been involved in home-improvement projects and repairs for more than 10 years. Scott's background is in high-end technology for medium and large corporations. Previous to this venture, Scott founded and operated a successful firm providing technology service.

Jennifer Anderson, PhD - Founder
Jennifer's background in electrical engineering / computer science is integral to the operation and growth of ACME. Jennifer has earned several patents for her technological innovations. Her valuable insights and oversight has enabled ACME to strategically meet our objectives and serve our readers.

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